Independant EDI B2B Consultancy

This website is still under construction and hopefully you will bear with us as we continue to learn how to use WordPress, HTML and CSS to invent/construct this website along with it’s design, pages and content, all of this will be continually changing as we find what we believe to be the best formats etc. to promote the company including SEO placement

Initially this will be to promote our company and it’s current services but with this new acquisition of WordPress knowledge we  are now looking to add a new service that will be to create and host web-sites for personal and SME use, details and costs to follow.

Shared Skills now provide independent B2B and EDI consultancy and have been since the year 2000 this has been for SME’s up to major multi national corporation’s, across many business sectors including but not restricted to FMCG, Retail, Logisitics, Insurance, Financial, Banking and Manufacturing.

This has been done on varying platforms Unix, Windows, I-Series(AS400) using varied EDI and B2B software packages such as Reims, ETS, Gentran, JCommerce, DMX,

The following is a list of major services provided by Shared Skills:-

•     Analysing the business requirement, creating budgets, calculating ROI’s and creating project plans

•     Analysing in-house systems to enable integration of the B2B and EDI business solutions

•     Writing RFI/RFP’s either for in-house or out-sourced solutions, these can be very different

•     Creating workshops for partners to promote the companies Business processes and B2B

•     Analysing partner requirements, then designing the solution and creating documentation

•     Creation of solutions either locally or in liaison with outsourcers to enable fulfilment of requirement

•     Mapping files from EDI or bespoke formats to any structured file/database format

•     Organising test plans and controlling FAT, UAT and CAT processes,

•     Establishing backup processes to allow for business continuity if any part of the automatic flow should fail

•     Writing and giving training courses, either generic to a product, or tailored for a customer

•     Mentoring customer and in-house staff to ensure knowledge sharing and enabling staff backup

•     On-going dialogues with partners to enable any changes in the business relationships

•     Working in and with Waterfall, Scrum, Agile environments/methodologies

•     Disaster Recovery plans